Ephesians 2:10 -Week 2 Verse Mapping



This is my very first blog post on the blog hop! I am so excited to join this fun, awesome group!


Now to the topic of my post! 🙂

I have decided to do verse mapping for the blog this week. This verse has really caught my attention and has spoken to me all week. It is amazing to me how even in the midst of my messy life, God still calls me His masterpiece. I looked up the definition of masterpiece on dictionary.com, and according to the site, “masterpiece” is defined as “a persons greatest piece of work.”

I was speechless. After all the things I have done in my life, God still calls me His “greatest piece of work”. I praise God for His unconditional love for me!

The last part of the verse says “so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” To me, this means that I have always been on Gods mind. He has planned a special life and work just for me! Through His Son Jesus, I have been made new, and will be thoroughly equipped for these good things!

Replace the “we” and “us” with your name and “she” like I did above. Make this verse personal for you. Remember this truth. Hide it in your heart. How precious it is that He; the Father of the universe, the God who placed the stars in the sky and knows them by name, the God who knows exactly how many hairs is on our heads, the God who knows our hearts, calls us His greatest piece of work! Hallelujah!

Father, thank you for calling me Your masterpiece, Your greatest piece of work. Although I can be really messy at times, I am comforted by this truth. Thank You for Your self-less sacrifice of your Son so I, a messy sinner, can be made new thru Him and can live Your good and perfect will and do the good things You have planned for me. In my messiness, You still call me Your masterpiece…I am in awe of Your mercy and Your grace every day. Thank You so much for this scripture and the reassurance it gives me to know that no matter how messy I feel, I can rest in the truth that You think I am Your greatest piece of work. Your masterpiece. I love You. Amen!



8 thoughts on “Ephesians 2:10 -Week 2 Verse Mapping

  1. bloggerlovestheking says:

    So excited you joined us this week. Love your verse mapping. Isn’t it amazing that our God always considers us His masterpiece no matter what we have done. You did a beautiful job on your blog. Loved the part you added about the stars. I forget that sometimes until I take the time to walk outside and savor the skies. Thanks for sharing. Debbie W. (Proverbs 31 Ministries OBS Team)

  2. Amanda M. says:

    I love your verse mapping! I am still grasping what being God’s masterpiece really means. It is almost unbelievable! Yet I know it is true! Thank you Lord! I was so glad to read your post. God bless you!

    • renesloan01 says:

      I know! All I could think of was, in this messed up world with my sometimes messy life, He still thinks of me as His greatest piece of work! Oh, how He loves us! God Bless you!

    • renesloan01 says:

      Yes ma’am! It is so powerful when we personalize scripture for ourselves! To me, it helps me remember it better, so I can hide it in my heart for a time when I need it! Thank you for reading! God Bless you!

  3. Wendy (Proverbs 31 Ministry Volunteer) says:

    Rene, thank you for sharing your verse mapping! I still struggle with doing this and it is so helpful to see other ones. And yes, you ARE a masterpiece!!

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