Online Bible Study- Join Me!

I have been doing online bible studies with Proverbs 31 Ministries since I became a stay at home mom in March of this year. It all started with a thirsty soul, craving to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I sat down behind my computer and went to Google in search of a good source for daily, uplifting devotions.
My daughter was only one week old and my son was two months shy of his second birthday. I had worked 40+ hour weeks since he was born, so being a stay at home mom was new to me. Having a toddler almost two who was potty training, rebellious, already going thru “terrible twos”, and having a newborn demanding most of my time, left my spirit weak and hungry. I was in a place where I needed to be fulfilled, and desperately needed quiet time with my Heavenly Father.
One of the very first results that popped up on my screen was The name alone intrigued me. Most every woman knows the virtuous woman passage of Proverbs 31. That was the woman/wife I desire to be, so I clicked on it. It was then I discovered something more. Something deeper, more intimate. The banner says it all: “Your life can be crazy. Your Bible Study doesn’t have to be. We offer real hope, for real life.” Man, I can totally relate. My life sure is crazy. I need what they have. I need the message they are delivering. I immediately signed up for the upcoming study and bought my book.
Let me tell you! My life has been forever changed for the better because of this ministry. It is full of AMAZING women who are always there to listen and pray for you. I have never personally met them, but I feel like I have known them my whole life! That is the kind of community/bible study group I want to be a part of. I thank God for leading me there 8 months ago. It has truly been a blessing and if you are reading this, I have some GREAT news for you!

Starting November 17th, we will be starting a new 4 week Bible study on Max Lucado’s new book, Before Amen!!
I still struggle with prayer. Do I pray enough? Do I pray the right way? That was not the answer I was looking for, did You hear my prayer God? On Before Amen, says this: “…Max Lucado joins readers on a journey to the very heart of biblical prayer, offering hope for doubts and confidence even for prayer wimps. Distilling prayers in the Bible down to one pocket-sized prayer, Max reminds readers that prayer is not a privilege for the pious not the art of a chosen few. Prayer is simply a heartfelt conversation between God and His child. Let the conversation begin.” Oh, how I long to feel confident in my prayers.

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Holy Spirit, teach me.

Doesn’t this study sound amazing?! If you want to learn more, and even sign up, head on over to and click on the Online Bible Studies tab. You can also visit the Proverbs 31 online book store and purchase your book for the study! Just for this study, you can get the conference calls FREE!! They will bless your socks off!! If you join the study, please do the calls. They are all recorded so if you can’t listen live, you can listen at your convenience!

Won’t you join me on this unforgettable, life-changing journey? Please say yes!! Now, what are you waiting for?? Head on over to and get signed up!

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