Check Me Out On Etsy!

I just recently (today), opened a shop on Etsy! I only have one listing as of right now though, but the possibilities with this listing is endless!

Since becoming a stay at home mom, and having a daughter, I have been inspired to make a lot of cute things for her! On my shop now, is a tulle tutu! This tutu has a crochet band, and a double layer of pink and gold tulle!

 Pink and Gold tutu

This is the tutu I made for my daughter’s first birthday pictures. These are SO adorable on, and look GREAT in pictures! So as I was preparing breakfast this morning, along with the encouragement of my sweet sister-in-law, I decided to open up an Etsy shop! I have started with the tutu because I have made a TON of them, so I feel like I have mastered that skill! 🙂 I will post more items, I promise! Gotta start somewhere, right? 🙂

You can choose one color, multi-colors, or a theme. I can do it all! Go on, take a look, share with your friends! I am so excited to start this new business, and I can’t wait to make something custom for your sweet baby!!

If you are interested, comment here or send me a message on there, I am more than happy to help!

Share this page on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and ReBlog here! After I reach 20 sales, I will give away a FREE tutu! So, go on! Share, and comment here that you did, and I will enter you for a prize!

Heres the link for my shop!

Have a blessed day!


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