Update on Layla and Life Now

Hey guys!


Its been a while since I last posted! I wanted to give those who have followed our story an update on Layla, and some of the other things we have going on!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Layla, and her story, check out the post titled Layla’s Testimony-Our Battle With Infantile Spasms and God’s Healing. It is an incredible testimony!

Now, the update on Layla.

Layla just turned 2 on March 5th. She is hitting every milestone like normal, with no developmental delays! With her previous diagnosis, this is incredible! I have heard her Neurologist describe it as a miracle! She is running, climbing, talking, drawing, playing with big brother, and everything else a 2 year old should do! Her neurologist had originally stated he would see her until she was at least 5 years old, to keep track of her development. But, God had other plans for our sweet girl! We made our very last visit to Dr. McGrath at Childrens of Alabama in October of 2015. He was so pleased with her progress, growth, and development that he released her before she turned 2! He expects her to live a completely, normal life!

I understand this is not the case for every child diagnosed, and my family and I are constantly praying for other children and their families diagnosed with this terrible syndrome. I am seeking opportunities to volunteer with the Epilepsy Foundation in Alabama, and Childrens of Alabama to help raise awareness and be a source of information, comfort, and hope to those and their families who are struggling with different forms of epilepsy.

Our oldest son started preschool in August of last year! Time is flying by! I absolutely cannot believe he is about to be 4! He has learned so much from being in school, and we are so very proud of him!

As for me, I am currently hoping to be considered to read and review books before they are released! I always have a book in my hand, and I love to write. So, I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to do both the things I love, and am passionate about! Hopefully, in the next few weeks that will be something regular for us to discuss here and I cannot wait!!

Hope you all are doing well! It will not be 10 months before I post again! 🙂





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