Preschool Children’s Church-Jesus Heals the 10 Lepers

Good Monday Morning everyone!


I hope you all had a great weekend! I got the privilege to step in and teach the 2-4 year old class at church yesterday! I love how even the smallest kids have such enthusiasm, and love for Jesus! They were so willing to learn, and help me tell the story yesterday! We could all learn a little from the small children when it comes to their excitement, eagerness, and love for Him and learning His word!

I sat down early Saturday morning to prepare for  a lesson. I browsed, just a few minutes, on Pinterest and found this amazing idea for the preschool kids! I have two small kids, and I know they both love band aids! Every time either of them get a cut or scrape, they ask for a band aid. When I found this idea on Pinterest, I knew it would be a great lesson for the kids and keep their attention! Here is a picture of the end result, and then I will tell you more about the lesson, and where I got this genius idea from!

Childrens Church 3

This was actually my two year old daughters, and she decided to draw on it while attaching the band aids! 🙂

I love how it says, “Jesus heals our sick hearts”. Truth is, we all have sinned. For that, our hearts are very sick. The good news is, there is One who can take all the sickness away, and make us completely new, refreshed, and like Him if we just allow Him to work in our lives. I could go on all day, telling you how he heals my sick heart every day. I need Him every hour of every day. We all do.

I got this idea from When You Rise, during my research on Pinterest, and I am so very glad I did. Not only did this lesson bless the kids, but it blessed me as well. As the children arrived, we sat down and talked about going to the doctor. They each told me a different experience they had when they visited the doctor while sick. One told me about getting four shots, one told me about growing so big and tall, and another told me about having to get a finger shot (blood draw). We opened the lesson with this, and discovering that we was going to be learning about a different Doctor, the Great Physician. Like the blog I listed above, I got my lesson plan from Ministry-To-Children. I went along with the story from Luke 17:11-19, and had the kids interact and help me tell the story, just like the lesson plan stated! They all enjoyed helping tell the story, and I loved seeing their faces, and interpretations of the story. Each child has such different, and sweet personalities. After story time, we crafted the hearts pictured above. This craft was really simple, and not time consuming. All the needed supplies are most that we already have on hand. Here is a list of what I used:

-Construction Paper


-Black Marker

-Assorted color/character band aids

I constructed each heart ahead of time, and all the kids had to do was place the band aids where they wanted to!

We still had a few minutes after we had our lesson, and made our hearts, so I printed out this coloring sheet and gave them all snacks to finish up our time together.

The lesson was fun, and the lesson plan from Ministry-to-Children made it so simple, and easy for the sweet preschool kiddos to learn. I hope you all have as much fun as I did with this lesson! This is so far, one of my favorite that I have done with the children!


Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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