Answers To The Most Important Questions About The End Times- By: Dr. John Hart

DescriptionFrom the Back Cover

Everything You Need to Know About the End Times in One Easy Guide
The end times can be confusing, or even troubling, as we struggle to understand such things as when Christ is coming back, who the Antichrist will be, when the tribulation will occur, and how to interpret biblical prophecy. If you are curious, confused, or fearful about any of these things–this book is for you. 
Dr. John Hart clearly and respectfully offers easy-to-understand answers, letting you know exactly what God’s Word says–as well as what it doesn’t say–about the end times. This slender volume answers the most frequently asked questions, then explores how those answers affect you, your family, and your friends.

Product Description

Everything You Need to Know about the End Times in One Guide
For everyone who is curious, confused, or even fearful about Jesus’ second coming, the Antichrist, the end of the world, the book of Revelation, and biblical prophecy, Dr. John Hart clearly and respectfully offers real, biblical answers. He reveals exactly what God’s Word says as well as what it doesn’t say, explaining how it impacts your family and friends. This slender volume answers everyone’s most-asked questions, and even includes a list of Bible references for further study.

About the Author

Dr. John Hart (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary; ThD, Grace Theological Seminary) is Professor of Bible at Moody Bible Institute, the author of 50 Things You Need to Know About Heaven, and edited and contributed to Evidence for the Rapture. Dr. Hart lives in Indiana.

My Review

I have always heard, since I was a little girl, that the Lord would soon come back. That it would more than likely happen before I graduated high school. I’m sure you have all heard that as well. Used to scare me so bad. I would keep myself up late at night worrying about whether or not I would ever drive. Or go to prom, graduate high school, go to college, get married, and have babies of my own. I have since outgrown such fears, but in Answers To The Most Important Questions About The End Times, the author does a good job explaining what to expect. He reassures us that many people have claimed to know, and even predicted, when Jesus would come back. But the truth is, only God knows when that time will be. Not even the Son, nor the Angels in heaven know.  

There are a lot of questions about the end times that I have. And I am a Christian. So people would think I knew what there was to know. Honestly, it is the most confusing thing of the bible to me. This book lays it all out there. The author explains the answers to the most important questions about the end times. 
Questions like:

-Why should I be interested in bible prophecy?

-Are there signs we are in the end times?

-What is the tribulation?

-Will Christians be raptured and escape the tribulation?

-How can we understand the book of revelation?

-Who is the antichrist?

-What is the role of Israel in the end times?

-What nations will be in power in the end times?

-What is Armageddon?

-What is the second coming of Christ to the Earth?

-What is the millennium?

-What is the final judgement, and the new heaven and new earth?
The author does a phenomenal job of explaining it in a way that everyone can understand. The answers in the chapters of this book are backed with scripture. This book has answered so many of my questions that I still had regarding the end times. I cannot wait to share this book with my pastor. 
I recommend this book to everyone!! This book has a life changing message we all need to hear before it is too late. It will be a wonderful reference to your collection!

I rate this book a 5/5 stars!!

Disclaimer: I received a complementary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are honest, and my own


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