NIrV Kids’ Devotional Bible

Book Description
Complete with a year’s worth of devotions, the Kids’ Devotional Bible, NIrV will help children develop a habit they’ll want to keep. Engaging weekday devotions, fun weekend activities, interesting illustrations, and a dictionary make this a Bible they’ll want to read and apply to their lives. It includes the complete New International Reader’s Version (NIrV)—the stepping stone to the NIV—making it easier for young readers to read and understand.
Features include: • Short weekday devotions that help young readers apply Bible lessons for a full year. • 52 weekend devotions that teach kids about God’s creation through fun activities like visiting the zoo and gazing at the stars. • “Got It” feature that encourages kids to find answers to Bible trivia themselves. • Book introductions that give helpful information about each book of the Bible. • A dictionary to look up words they want to know more about. • The complete NIrV text, which uses shorter sentences and easier words. Kids can read this Bible on their own!

My Review:
The NIrV Kids Devotional Bible is an attractive bible! The Bible has a hard cover, with the traditional play images of a kite and bike, along with kid-friendly attractive font. Inside the Bible, you will find over 300 short and sweet devotions. There is one for each day of the week during the year, and 52 weekend devotions. At the beginning of each book is a short summary for kids to get an understanding of what is to come in the following chapters. One of the things I loved about this bible is the black and white images throughout. This gives children the opportunity to be creative, and color them however they choose. Another thing that stood out to me was the dictionary at the end. This bible is more geared for older kids, in the 7-12 year range, in my opinion. The dictionary is a wonderful add to help in understanding the Bible’s content. The NIrV makes it much easier for children to get a better understanding of Gods word. 
Overall, this is a wonderful bible. Perfect for the older kids and preadolescents. I rate this bible a 5/5 stars. 

Head on over to and purchase your copy!

Disclaimer: I received a complementary copy of this bible in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed here are true and my own. 


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