Slow Down Momma, You’re Gonna Miss This

I left my house today for the first time without a diaper bag. For the first time in 5 years. It then took me 15 minutes to actually leave my driveway. Not because I was digging for a pacifier, not because I was looking for a sippy cup, but because I was crying. I am not talking about a simple cry. But a full on blubbering ugly cry. Thankfully Elsa and Anna was keeping my kid’s attention so they did not have to witness my full on meltdown. Another milestone. Another last. Another chapter closed, and season beginning. My kids are growing up. They are getting more independent by the minute. This year has been full of milestones in our household, and 2017 looks to be another big year for us as well. I don’t know if my heart can take it. Most people probably think I am crazy, but these kind of things get to me. You really have to stop, and take it all in. Before you know it, these moments will be gone, and our kids will be grown. Cherish every moment, even when it’s hard, because pretty soon it will all be a memory. I can still remember the last time I fed my daughter a bottle. I can even remember the last time I fed her a middle of the night bottle. The last time I had to help her up to her feet before she just took off on her own. The last of her babbling before it turned into actual words and sentences. The last time she took a paci. The last time I changed her diaper. Same with my son. Now, all I have are the memories.


I know you are tired momma, I really do. But cherish it while you can.

Take in that sweet baby scent. Before you know it you will have a stinky, sweaty, sticky toddler.

Try to find the silver lining at 2 AM when the baby is crying, and hungry, and you are doing all you can to keep it together.

That precious baby who is dependent on you today, will need you less and less as time goes on.

Don’t get me wrong. Milestones are wonderful! And I do look forward to them, and we celebrate each and every one. But, sometimes we get so caught up in life and other thing we have going on, and we so look forward to those “lasts” that we often wish our kids childhood away. And before we know it, they will be grown, and we are going to want those moments back.


So, let’s take a moment. Hug our kids tight. Kiss their precious faces all over. Even if it’s at 2 AM and we feel like we are so sleep deprived that we might die. Play pretend. Hide-and-Go Seek. Dress up. Tea Parties. Hot Wheels. You never know when that “last” time will be.


2 thoughts on “Slow Down Momma, You’re Gonna Miss This

  1. kaylashaddix says:

    Blaaaah, this gave me all the feels ❤ I wish my twins weren’t such a handful most of the time but in reality, I’m going to miss their sweet kisses and laughs, the little quirks – all of it! 😦

    • renesloan01 says:

      My two are so close in age, and they are definitely a handful! It’s so hard to take a deep breath and embrace it, when in reality we want this stage to soon pass. It just hit me like a ton of bricks when I left without a diaper bag just how big they are getting. And if I don’t try harder, I’m going to really miss out on something special. Precious memories. Just because I’m looking for the end of each day. I really needed this reminder myself! ❤️

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