Tranquility: A Prayer and Reflection Coloring Journal

I love journals. I collect all kinds! So, when I saw this one available for review I had to give it a try! Tranquility: A Prayer and Reflection Coloring Journal, is a beautiful journal. Each 2-page entry is different. They include a prayer, a bible verse, and a space to journal what God is sharing with you. Each entry is different. Some have minimal room for coloring, while others are mostly coloring, to unleash your inner creativity!

The cover is hard, ensuring durability and page protection. The pages are thick, but if using a thick ink, it will still show through to the other page. So I suggest colored pencils, or light ink use! 
Overall, I highly recommend this journal! I rate it a 5/5 stars! It would be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day! After all, who doesn’t need to experience tranquility. Especially mothers! Matter of fact, head on over to Amazon and purchase your copy today!! 
**I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed here are true and my own. 

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